Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plotting on the Garden

I love fall, what's not to love about leaves on the ground, the smell of smoke fires, and a big pot of soup boiling away on the stove? Toss in a bouquet garni of fresh woody herbs (Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme), and fill your house with a delicious herbal fog.


  1. & now a shout out to you!

    we've been doing the same thing in our home: digging through the seed savers catalog, dreaming of what we could grow next year. spring 2010 project: raspberries!

    we (my husband & i) enjoy your pictures & food discussions....

  2. Mmmmmmm nothing beats grazing through the raspberry patch! Always lucky if any make it into the bowl!

  3. I can't wait to see what you plant and what your design looks like! I popped over from Diggin Food; I have been planting a veggie garden for a few years now and I love seeing what others do. Good luck!

  4. Great that you had such a good first year! Lots of heat to keep those tomatoes ripening, it doesn't always go like that... For your lettuce, I wonder if you have a spot where it would get morning sun and afternoon shade? And also I've heard that harvesting it in the morning helps keep it sweet. No expert here but I've had pretty good luck using those two rules. - Karen