Saturday, December 12, 2009

Look at Frosty Go...

Well it's 23 this morning and after a week of sub 10 degree weather, we are breathing a big sigh of relief. The greenhouse thermometer says 40 this morning, surely good news to its citrusy inhabitants. They are only slightly worse for the wear - sporting a little less gloss after the temperatures in the unheated greenhouse dipped below freezing a few nights in a row. A big drink of water all around today!

Here's a shot of the kaffir lime.

Moving on to the yard, frost is pretty if not all that helpful. The lavender looks fine, it must be kept safe by its needle-like leaves.
The gnome in the birdbath seems to be taking the whole thing in stride.
St. Johns Wort with a lovely layer of ice. (There's no killing this stuff - even if we wanted to.)

Italian parsley, very courtly. Can't say as much for the carrot tops. They had a meltdown. Is it still safe to leave the carrots in the ground? May be bringing them in once the garden defrosts in the rain.

In further news this week, Peter Cottontail was spotted running through Mr. McGregor's er....our garden multiple times this week. I am glad he's big enough to be safe from the cats.



  1. Beautiful touches of frost. I love how the sage leaves look kissed by winter. You're right, that stuff is hearty. Same with parsley -- random seeds from a nearby plant took up in another box planter this year. Gangsta herbs! The bunny is adorable. I'm sure Mr. Bob still would have wanted to wrassle him.

  2. Maybe Peter C. will be relieving you of your carrots, thereby solving your conundrum. That is not an animal I'd like to see in my veggie patch, no matter how cute! Well, maybe the cats will be a good line of defense. Love your frost shots and it's true, pretty much nothing stops St. John's wort, although I am trying! I had many many square feet of it when we moved in, dug it all out 5 yrs. ago and it's still trying to come back! Evil!! - Karen