Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keeping Dogs and Other Critters out of the Garden Beds

One of our biggest helpers in the garden is our sweet dog Annie. She's always there to supervise (as well as a nearly blind 15 year old dog can...) and lend a helping paw.  One challenging thing about a senior dog who can't hear or see very well is teaching them new ideas (what is that about old dogs and new tricks?), like please don't tramp through the onion bed.  After she played Godzilla over Tokyo a few times and broke a few onions, we decided we better make a way to keep the peace (where's Mothra when you need her?)
Who me?

We wanted something that was not too distracting or expensive so we put our thinking caps on and came up with rebar corner posts (we bought 4', which gave us 2' underground and 2' above, you could adjust by the size of your dog. Around the corners, we stretched some bird netting that they sell at the hardware store.  If your dog is bigger they also sell wildlife netting or even construction webbing.  We've been mulching with grass to keep the soil wet, that's what the greenish tinge is under the onions.
So far this works pretty well, sound the all clear in Tokyo.




  1. Awww... Miss Annie's just being her fuzzy, curious self. No vegetable harm intended! Love the critter solution. Wish I'd put up a barrier like this earlier before the squirrels ravaged the sprouts!

  2. Annie is adorable! I think Chloe would like to meet her.

  3. Annie is a cutie. I think Chloe would like to meet her. Thx for the latte. :)