Monday, January 18, 2010

Yardis Catharsis

What do you on a long holiday weekend? At our house - prune some more! After completing 2.7 Apple trees and a very small cherry tree our brush pile is the size of a Chevy Van. In spite of sore muscles, the work is cathartic and everything looks so much tidier and brighter you start to wonder why you didn't do it in the fall (you mean besides the fact that it was dark and raining?...ok true...).

Did I mention you can do cool stuff with the branches? You can force blossoms indoors a
nd have a lovely indoor bouquet. Chunks of thicker apple and cherry branches are amazing in the bbq after they've been dried for a year. We keep our dried wood stash in the Dogloo on the right of this pic. The dog never really took to it, anyway!
This tree is a late apple of dubious origins. Perhaps a King?They're a lot smaller without all the water sprouts!
(I did mention we're hacks, right?)

You'd be amazed at the moss and other lil things you'd see....While perched on a precarious ladder in an old tree...
Fungus among us

Here's hoping you and yours enjoyed each other, as for us, we'll be sleeping well!

Sweet Dreams,


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